According to R3 Continuum, the top request for EAP CIR services is when an organization learns about the death of one of their employees. Did you know in reviewing various grief/bereavement certification programs, none of them address dealing with grief reactions in the workplace? In your MSRA training, we address this as Collegial Grief.  This training takes a deeper dive into the issues related to responding to workplace death and the dual-client issues that responders need to skillfully navigate. 


In this training you will learn:

1.  The Multi-Systemic Resiliency Approach to responding to employee death.

2.  Bereavement models applicable to EAP workplace crisis intervention.

3. Understand the elements of Collegial grief.

4. Learn a group resiliency process designed for employee death.


September 13, 2019; 1:00-3:00 EST




EAP CIR- Responding to the Death of an Employee