2020 EAP CIR- Multi-Systemic Resiliency Approach Training

Welcome to the EAP CIR training. This training is in two parts. The first part will begin when you click the start button. The first couple of slides may play choppy as the training loads, but will smooth out rather quickly.

Also for download is a Powerpoint  handout of the slides for the training. Feel free to print this out to follow along.  There are many slides, so load the printer.


Most disruptions are the result of Internet connectivity. Peak times and multiple internet use activities will increase the challenge of the connection. If you become disconnected, try refreshing your browser. If that does not work, exit training and reenter through the link sent to you.

Part 1 Slides

Order the new Workbook. This great reference is 110 pages of color slides and the entire text. $69.00