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Terms of Service


Terms of Service

Listed Providers


I agree, to the fullest of my ability, to act in a professional manner in all phases of response. I acknowledge that I may be called to provide EAP response services by an EAP or an EAP vendor to act on behalf of an EAP. I agree to fully represent them on their behalf and conduct myself consistent with their policies and within the terms of my license. I agree not to represent myself in any other manner or solicit any other services/products outside of this role. In addition:


1.  I acknowledge that my listing information, voluntarily submitted, is 100% accurate.

2.  I agree to keep my license and professional liability insurance current and in good standing during my term of service. 

3.  I agree that I will not receive any referrals should my license and or liability insurance lapse and will notify Robert Douglas and Associates (RDA), to update or remove myself if for some reason I cannot fulfill this requirement.

4.  I agree to not hold RDA or any of its employees responsible for any misrepresentation of information found on this website.

5.  I accept all responsibilities for my conduct when providing EAP CIR services.

6.  I understand that as a listee on this website, I do not represent RDA in anyway. 

7.  I understand that in listing my information on this website, RDA does not have any involvement between myself and the EAP seeking my services. I understand that the exception is if in providing EAP CIR service, a complaint is made to the EAP about delivery of services. I agree to participate in any inquiries about such concerns in which the outcome may be communicated to RDA for training purposes.  I understand that I can be removed from this list without notice for conduct deemed unprofessional in any manner.

8.  I understand that I am not guaranteed any referrals by listing my service on this website.

9.  I agree to operate in good faith with all potential EAP CIR referrals. I understand that RDA has recommended a rate of up to 150.00 per hour for all EAP CIR services, but the actual rate of payment will be determined between myself and EAP in pursuit of my services.

10.  I understand I can voluntarily remove myself from this list at anytime by notifying RDA.

11.  I understand my contact information is made public through this website. In addition,  I permit RDA to share this information, upon request from an EAP seeking resources.


EAPs seeking Providers


1.  Every provider listed in this database who has received the EAP Critical Incident Response- A Multi-Systemic Resiliency Approach training, has been verified.

2.  All other information is submitted by the Listee in good faith and its accuracy is the responsibility of the Listee. EAPs, in accessing this database agree to hold RDA harmless for any misrepresentations.

3.  Access to this Provider database is free and open to all EAPs who are in need of resources. It is considered a self-service referral database.  RDA does not provide any other service regarding coordinating referrals.

4. If certain geographical areas are needed, RDA is available to work with EAP to develop the region for future use.

5. All professionals using this database to seek providers for EAP CIR, agree to hold RDA harmless for any outcome deemed unsatisfactory.


Any questions about these Terms of Service should be directed to RDA.

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