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The process of Resilience has already begun before an organization contacts their EAP.
Since MSRA's release in 2013, this remains a fundamental principle if you are going to be successful providing EAP CIR.
As EAP professionals, we need to recognize and fully understand the resiliency process.  Knowing this, we can complement ongoing successful operations with safe, resilient focused EAP interventions. Coordinating the four key systems (organization, employees, EAPs, onsite providers) to work synergistically towards an optimal outcome, is what this training provides.  It goes beyond the focus of mitigating stress responses to providing an EAP mission oriented service that is inclusive of the organizational culture, and consistent with research informed principles. 
The central theme of this training remains the application of core clinical and EAP operational components and resilience based interventions. 
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Join these EAPs and other professionals in unifying a consistent, EAP CIR approach:  



RDA comes to you. We provide workshops to your dedicated EAP team.  This approach allows your entire team to be on the same page and integrate EAP CIR MSRA into each of their unique roles and perspectives. Once this has been completed RDA will work with the EAP to get their key affiliate providers trained by offering discounted trainings both live and through our exclusive online format. The affiliate provider field has been exposed to a variety of response models that may not align with the MSRA approach.  This is an important recognition and challenge as EAP moves to evolve their response approach. To consult further on this training option, send an email to:

Actors Guild

Cigna EAP

Concern EAP

Cleveland Clinic


Humana EAP

National EAP



Kaiser Permanente EAP


Prudential EAP

Perspectives EAP

Homewood Health EAP

Supportive Systems EAP

US Senate EAP

US House EAP

Cooper University Health

Connections EAP

Duke EAP

Invest EAP

McLaughlin Young EAP

Espyr EAP

Southwest EAP


NJ Transit EAP

Impact Solutions EAP

Strong EAP

Helping Hands EAP

Cone EAP

Insight EAP

Pivot EAP

Workplace Options

Work Partners EAP

R3 Continuum

Sutter Health



"Robert is a gifted trainer and extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the EAP world. He is a perfect resource for any EAP looking to improve upon best practices in CIR." - Susan Skinner, M.S., CEAP, President of Personal Assistance Services, St. Louis, Missouri

Supportive Systems

Supportive Systems

Robert Intveld’s training on Critical Incident Response was of value both by time spent, and well-organized curriculum offered. Following his model for work place crisis response, EAP’s have an opportunity to provide a positive, multi-dimensional workplace impact. -Pam Ruster, LCSW , CEAP Secretary/Treasurer International EAPA, Inc. President, CEO, Supportive Systems, Indianapolis, IN

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Robert Intveld, LCSW, CEAP has been in the EAP field for over 30 years. He has provided clinical, operational and administrative services with all EAP models. His particular interest in critical incident response has led him to overseeing and/or providing interventions at Columbine HS, OK City bombing, 3 NY terrorist attacks including 9/11, Gulf Oil Spill, Mall shootings, Newtown CT and many others. These experiences led him down a path of finding a more viable response approach consistent with the EAP mission and research on resilience that response models in the field were lacking. MSRA has since become the EAP CIR approach of choice


 "A resilience based crisis intervention approach is less dependent on the nature of the incident and more so on the existing and inherent sources of organizational and individual resilience. MSRA provides a flexible framework to garner and engage these culturally based strengths enabling organizations and employees to persevere and thrive from the impact of a critical incident."


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