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Either in-person or live virtual, Robert Intveld, LCSW CEAP, author of this training, presents to your EAP team an interactive, full-day, training experience.

Why team trainings?

  • EAP CIR has many moving parts. These systems need a coordinated, EAP centric, approach. One playbook for all systems presents the best possible outcome. Bring an end to disjointed, inconsistently delivered, costly responses.

  • EAP CIR should incorporate and be an extension to the overall EAP Mission. EAP Professionals understand and can navigate the dual-client environment.  They fully understand and can integrate the cultural aspects each workplace proudly strives for.

  • Your EAP CIR brings your wellness brand to your customers. Some customers have high degrees of risk and dedicated operations that are nuanced.  Our team training provides dedicated time to discuss operations where flexibility is necessary without compromising value.


Multi Systemic Approach​

  • A process aimed at synchronizing the four main response systems at every critical incident

    • Organization​

    • Employee

    • EAP

    • Onsite Responder (internal or network)


A Foundational Approach

  • In a chaotic environment where survivors and response personnel reestablish order and safety, EAP CIR's grounding in ethical,  core principles, complements and builds upon organizational and employee recovery strategies. Our foundational pillars are:

    • EAP Mission​

    • Evidence Informed, Clinical Efficacy

      • Stress Response​

      • Grief

      • Resilience

    • Sound Crisis Intervention Principles


Resilience Based

  • Interventions based on research with employee survivor populations

  • Strength based focused

  • Strategies to operationalize resilient outcomes​​


Safe Interventions

  • Recognize the signs and learn strategies to reduce risk of re-traumatization and secondary trauma

  • Understand and apply the correct intervention based on assessment

    • PFA Group- high impact short recovery time​

    • Corporate Briefing- large employee audience to stabilize, inform and engage support

    • Collegial Grief/Resilience Group- crisis intervention group to aid in rebounding from the loss of a colleague

    • RALLI Group- Essential Employee group to reduce distress, create the biology of courage, and restore mutual strength based attributes

    • Resilience Group- Process group to support employee restoring pre-incident levels of performance


Virtual Response

  • From lessons learned during the pandemic, a best practices approach to  EAP VCIR

    • Determining viability​

    • Staging virtual interventions

    • Strategies to enhance cohesion in virtual groups



Once your team receives this training, RDA continues to partner with you by offering on-boarding

discounts to your new hires with access to our On-Demand EAP CIR training.  If your EAP utilizes affiliate providers, we can offer them discounts as well. It starts however with building your EAP CIR infrastructure, that is, your EAP staff counselors, management consultation professionals, triage, account executives, dedicated onsite professionals (hybrid EAPs), sales and leadership.


Team training also allows for discussion on dedicated clients, highly nuanced cultures, or high CIR utilizers.  Training can also be customized to your EAP model and philosophy.

If you are like most EAPs, you have been thinking about this kind of training for some time. Rather than patching together a response plan or using outside vendors, who may or may not fully understand the EAP mission, let's talk on how a partnership with RDA can shore up your CIR gaps and deliver this much needed resource at key critical times. Email RDA for consultation.

EAP Team Training Rates

On-Demand Team rate discounts:​

$195.00 per person,

6+ discounted 10%

10+ discounted 15%

20+ discounted 20%

Over 30 call for special pricing.

To receive Certificate of Specialized Training, (choose one):

1) Passing of Post-test


2) (Recommended) Live team Coaching session via Zoom (no test required),  add $250.00

Live Virtual training- 1 or two day live training; no post test. Add speaker's fee to above rates.

Live, in-person training- add travel, room/bd.

Coaching-RDA offers live team coaching in lieu of each team member taking a post test. The benefits of coaching allows various EAP CIR roles to come together to discuss the training and equally as important, its integration into the EAP's workflows, nuanced clients or specific types of critical incidents. 

Email to get started

About your trainer:

Robert Intveld, LCSW, CEAP has been in the EAP field for over 30 years. He has provided clinical, operational and administrative services with all EAP models. His particular interest in critical incident response has led him to overseeing and/or providing interventions at Columbine HS, OK City bombing, 3 NY terrorist attacks including 9/11, Gulf Oil Spill, Mall shootings, Newtown CT and many others. These experiences led him down a path of finding a more viable response approach consistent with the EAP mission and research on resilience that response models in the field were lacking. MSRA has since become the EAP CIR approach of choice


 "A resilience based crisis intervention approach is less dependent on the nature of the incident and more so on the existing and inherent sources of organizational and individual resilience. MSRA provides a flexible framework to garner and engage these culturally based strengths enabling organizations and employees to persevere and thrive from the impact of a critical incident."


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