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Because anyone will not do.

If you have been trained in Critical Incident Response, are a licensed professional, and able to provide CIR services upon being contacted, you are eligible to list your services on this map. For Free!

Benefits to Listing your services on the EAP CIR Map

  1. All EAPs will have access to your services. 

  2. Negotiate your onsite rates. 

  3. Partnering opportunities with EAPs

EAP Organizations

If you are an EAP organization searching for providers, enter city or zip code in the Search Box to narrow your search. Hover over the pin for basic information, click on pin for more detailed information about the provider's training and experience. Read Disclosures.

Network Development

If you are interested in developing your own EAP CIR network and would like to partner with RDA on training your network, contact Robert at

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