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EAP Critical Incident Response-

A Multi-Systemic Resiliency Approach

271 pp; $49.95


Employee and organizational rebound from the impact of a critical incident, does not wait around for Employee Assistance Professionals to arrive onsite. The trajectory of resilience has already started. Actions designed to stabilize and restore safety have already commenced. EAP professionals must deliver their crisis intervention approach to complement these culturally sound, restorative actions. EAP CIR is a process that supports and respects these often fragile systems. It strengthens their interconnectivity and mobilizes one to draw upon their resilience building attributes. This book presents all the necessary components to deliver successful EAP Critical Incident Response based on the research in Resilience.




Chapter 1   Evolution of EAP CIR


Chapter 2   The Resiliency Approach- Simplified


Chapter 3   Building an EAP Response Approach


Chapter 4   The Multi-Systemic Approach




Chapter 5   The Stress Response


Chapter 6   Bereavement


Chapter 7   Resilience




Chapter 8   Goals of Crisis Intevention




Chapter 9   Employee Assistance Programs










Chapter 10   Preparing to Go Onsite


Chapter 11   Pre-Incident Training


Chapter 12   Management Consultations


Chapter 13   Setting the Stage


Chapter 14   Leadership Meetings


Chapter 15   Corporate Briefings


Chapter 16   One on Ones


Chapter 17   Groups


Chapter 18   Onsite Outreach


Chapter 19   Referrals


Chapter 20   Follow-up


Chapter 21   Leadership Closure Meeting


Chapter 22   Media


Chapter 23   Self Care


Table of Contents

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