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On-Demand Training Outline and Ordering Information

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5.00 content hours.


  • Integrate core clinical concepts of stress response, collegial grief, and resilience with practical EAP onsite response.

  • Align traditional crisis intervention techniques within the EAP response environment

  • Reduce the risk of re-traumatization through proper selection of group format and process administration

  • Learn adjustments to CIR in addressing the pandemic and virtual formats


  • EAP Mission

  • Clinical

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Ethics


Multi-Systemic Resiliency Approach

  • Organizations

  • Employees

  • EAPs

  • EAP Providers


  • Pre-Incident

  • Management Consultation

  • Company Briefings

  • 1:1

  • Resiliency/Grief Group

  • PFA Group

  • RALLI Group

  • Resilience Group

  • Onsite Outreach

Virtual CIR

  • Platforms

  • Integration

  • Delivery



  • Follow-up

  • EAP Services

Highlights of Training:

  • Training is presented in two, 2.5 hour videos.

  • They can be completed at your own pace.

  • Free PDF of the slides 

  • 5 Professional Development Hours (PDF)

  • Certificate of Specialized Training upon completion of test.


Optional and Recommended​

  • Waive test by completing live coaching session with Robert Intveld, author of training.

  • Training Workbook*- includes color slides and entire training text. 

Ordering Information 

Once payment has been received you will receive confirmation of your order and in a separate email,  a link and password to access the training. Save this email for future access. Upon completing this training, there is a verification process that the information presented is understood and deliverable.  This is done by either taking a post test (30 questions, 80% score required), or completing a 60-minute coaching session (separate fee applies).

On Demand Individual Training Only
On Demand Individual Training and Zoom Coaching

About Coaching

At the conclusion of the On-Demand training, a Zoom session is scheduled with Robert Intveld, author of the training to review any and all training material.  This is a perfect opportunity to fine tune your skills, discuss application relative to your response operation, marketing your practice, networking, etc. Coaching is up to 1 hour and waives having to take the test.

EAP CIR MSRA Workbook!*
111 pages, full text, color.
$50.00. Free Shipping!

* Workbook is not a download and will arrive via mail. Please take this into consideration when ordering. 


  1. Will this training get me on EAP panels?   Each EAP/Vendor determines the training requirements for their providers. Many EAPs and Crisis Vendors are familiar with this training and have approved and in fact, recommended their providers to have this training. Always verify with the EAP you are interested contracting with prior to registering.

  2. Can I receive CEs for this training?  At this time, PDHs are included at no additional cost. PDHs are required to obtain the Certificate of Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP). No other CEUs are offered at this time.

  3. By completing this training, will I become certified in Critical Incident Response?  Completing this training earns you a Certificate in Specialized Training for EAP CIR.  A certification process is a more in-depth accounting of knowledge, experience and oversight which is not offered at this time.

  4. Please explain why I have to take a test or have coaching.  Simply because it is ethically responsible and there needs to be accountability for the kind of work you will be doing. Critical incidents are powerful events. You will be exposed to, and likely affected by, trauma producing material. You will be delivering services that will impact the quality of lives. In an On-Demand format, without certain degrees of oversight, testing and/or coaching addresses some of these deficits.

  5. Can this training be offered to our EAP team where we can view it together? Yes. Team viewing is encouraged and discounted. Registration through contacting RDA at  In addition, group coaching is recommended to further integrate the course material with the operation and culture of your EAP organization.

  6. What is the difference between the .pdf and the workbook? The PDF is a standard black and white, pdf download of a PowerPoint training with 3 slides to a page. This is free. The workbook is  a 112 page book in color and maintains the size of the slides along with text of the entire training.

  7. Can I read the workbook and become certified? No. The workbook is designed to compliment the training,  educate on MSRA and provide a forever resource. You can earn PDHs.

  8. Is this training only on responding to the pandemic? No.  This training will educate on an EAP response process for any type of critical incident. We also highlight the challenges that have been faced during the pandemic.

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