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MSRA- An International Approach

The EAP CIR A Multi-Systemic Resiliency Approach book has been released in Japan! JEAP Peacemind Inc., Japan’s leading EAP provider, teamed up with author Robert Intveld to create a Japanese translated edition. This edition is not only translated in language, but with the necessary additions to meet the needs of Japan’s workplace culture. Leading the translating efforts were Ayumi Nishikawa and Kaoru Ichikawa of JEAP Peacemind. Together they coordinated a team of University and Mental Health Professionals across Japan with the task of translation. Speaking on behalf of the year long project, Ayumi NIshikawa, President of JEAP Peacemind, stated that 90% of the book was relevant and similar in addressing American and Japanese workplaces. Additional information was added to address some of the cultural nuance relevant to resiliency building.

The impact from any critical incident occurring anywhere is based on one’s interpretation of the incident’s threat upon themselves and/or significant others. That is the mechanism that will release the stress response and begin to alter our homeostasis. Interventions are aimed at restoring systemic balance; personal, familial, organizational and community. Cultural nuance matters in each of these systems, as does application of our interventions. History has shown that interventions will be ineffective and thus rejected, if not culturally inclusive (Ommeran, 2005).

The choices we make in securing and promoting environmental and psychological safety, the first steps needed to begin the trajectory of resilience, are similar world-wide. Crisis intervention begins with securing environments and reconnecting employees to significant others within the family, workplace and community. More culturally sensitive are the personal attributes and strengths employees engage in their effort to bounce back. Attributes like spirituality, a sense of nationalism, optimism and community connectivity may have greater meaning in different parts of the world. Our job remains the same. Whatever the attributes are, help employees get reconnected to them.

Both the English and Japanese editions of this book can be found at .

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