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New EAP CIR Trainings for 2019!

Robert Douglas and Associates (RDA) is excited to release its new trainings for 2019 and beyond, in EAP Critical Incident Response. Its been over 5 years since the release of MSRA, and we've learned a few more things...

The Resilience Continuum

Expanding the Multi-Systemic Resiliency Approach

MSRA focused on an onsite, EAP crisis intervention approach operationalizing the power of resilience. In its release over 5 years ago, MSRA has become a top CIR approach within the EAP community.

Let’s do better. We optimize our interventions, by elevating the value of pre-incident partnership with our EAP organizational clients and support greater flexibility and adaptability of their employee base. While these two attributes are key sources of strength in bouncing forward through any adversity, they are particularly helpful in maximizing an onsite, CIR effort.

We also have to ask ourselves, what can EAPs do to help employees and organizations sustain resilient outcomes? What is our post-incident role during this potentially fragile time period?

Who should attend- This training contains new and updated information. If you have taken the MSRA training in the past, we honor your commitment by offering a discount so that you can stay current. Like all EAP services, this training addresses clinical, operational and administrative matters when working with employees and organizations. All EAP professionals, EAP Affiliates, and CIR vendors will find value in this training relative to their role.

Register for virtual trainings in March. East Coast and West Coast Hours!

Responding to the Death of an Employee

A Multi-Systemic Resiliency Approach

According to R3 Continuum, the top request for EAP CIR services is when an organization learns about the death of one of their employees. Did you know in reviewing various grief/bereavement certification programs, its hard to find any dealing with grief reactions in the workplace? In your MSRA training, we address this as Collegial Grief. This training takes a deeper dive into the issues related to responding to workplace death and the dual-client issues that responders need to skillfully navigate.

Virtual training on March 22 1-3 EST

RDA will come to your EAP or practice to provide trainings. Access any of our highly skilled, professionally MSRA trainers. Call 732-531-1226 for more information.

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