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Welcome to STEP1 of our STEP4 training.  This training is designed for licensed, clinical professionals in private practice looking to join EAP networks to provide EAP services. STEP1 of this training is free and provides information to help you determine if becoming an EAP network affiliate provider is right for you. If afterwards you feel it is the right move, we invite you to continue on with STEP2-4. If not, that's fine too.  EAPs understand this work may not be for everybody and finding this out now allows you to move onto more advantageous career paths more aligned with your goals. This also allows EAPs to fill their networks only with providers invested in the EAP service. In fact, we make it easy for you by adding a list of EAPs with direct links to their network application process who want STEP4 trained providers!  We all win. To start, click the arrow below. No registration needed for STEP1,

Step1 Free! (34 minutes)

*CA Providers Subject to Knox-Keene Regulations

Register STEP2-4


To continue with the training, click Buy Now button, pay the fee and a link to unlock the next video, STEP 2, 3, and 4, will be sent to you.

Upon completion of the STEP4 training:

  1. A Certificate in Specialized Training to present to EAPs.

  2. Access to EAPs interested in trained EAP affiliates.

EAP Affiliate Practice- A STEP4 Training

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