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The Employee Assistance Professional Association, (EAPA) has developed a new certificate, EAS-C, specifically for EAP affiliate providers.  This foundational training was authored by a team of EAP experts in the field including contributions from EAP leadership, network managers and private practitioners. RDA was also honored to sit upon this panel.  The end result was the creation of a training designed to bridge the knowledge gap between EAPs and the private practitioner who joins an EAP affiliate network. Live workshops have begun and RDA is providing an exclusive online version of this 6 hour training with added insights and commentary.


EAPA has discontinued the EAS-C training. Any questions, please contact EAPA at (703) 387-1000, x 340. Ask for Tonya.

Why was the EAS-C Certificate created?


Simply because it improves the EAP service. As EAPs have grown, so too has their service delivery models.  The most poplar model presently is the external EAP with an affiliate provider based network. EAPs in order to expand their reach and cover greater geographic areas created networks of contracted private practitioners.  These clinicians provided most if not all the face to face services for EAPs with this service delivery model. In fact so much so, that they have become the face of EAP to many employees.  The challenge, however, was having these skilled clinical providers adequately represent and deliver EAP services based on EAP core technologies.  Information that most were simply never trained in, nor required to complete to serve on EAP panels! Consequently, many EAP network managers will tell you that the most common type of errors and subsequently complaints, are due to operating outside of the parameters of the EAP model and its constative, customer service based approach.

How do I register?


1.  Follow the link below to EAPA's new website and register for the online training.


2.  Make sure you select the Online training when registering. Once completed, a link to the course will be sent to you.

When do I get my Certificate?

The training must be viewed* in its entirety and all questions within the training must be answered correctly.  There is a short evaluation at the conclusion that must be completed as well. 

*Not viewable over mobile devices including iPads.

What Happens Next?


1.  Your training will be reviewed and upon confirmation, you will be emailed a Certificate of Completion from RDA providing PDHs. EAPA is notified of your successful completion.


2.  EAPA will mail the EAS-C Certificate and enter your name in the EAS-C database.




Registration is open!

You will learn about:

     -EAPs from the perspectives of work organizations, EAP vendors, and network providers;

     -The similarities and differences between working with mental\behavioral health clients and EAP clients;

     -Tips and insider information that can help you build your EAP referral business.


EAPA members- 155.00

Non-members- 195.00

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