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Recognize and approach: Members of the RALLI Team learn what shock and denial look and sound like. Identify post stress reactions and learn a foundational knowledge of the physiological basis of stress responses and grief.  How to compassionately approach, what to say and what not to say.


Awareness of Risk: The RALLI Team's level of awareness about suicide and risk of harm to self and others is raised. Recognizing the early warning signs prioritizes and positions the RALLI Team to engage the appropriate professional support systems.


Listen Nonjudgmentally: One of the most important skills the RALLI Team brings to the intervention. Using reflective listening, receptive body language and validating/normalizing messages, creates the necessary trust that helps to restore a sense of safety.


Learn the sources of resilience: Identifying the unique strengths within each person and the significant connections in their life help move the person back on a course of wellness.


Identify next steps:  There are always options that are forward moving and wellness bound. Sometimes the moment taken to settle down, talk about the incident with a trusted resource is all one needs to move forward. A well conducted intervention will identify the positive connections in one's life that have been successful in dealing with adversity throughout their lives. For additional support, close relations with the EAP opens up immediate access to multiple resources.


Each of these steps within RALLI are role played and/or demonstrated. In addition, maintaining appropriate boundaries and understanding the role of confidentiality are examined through the cultural lens of the organization. 


How to start the process..

Jo Shapiro, MD Director Center of Professionalism and Peer Support; Chief Division of Otolaryngology; Brigham and Women's Hospital; speaks on the developing a peer support program.

Dr. Shapiro, MD speaks on training peers and operationalizing the program.

The impact from critical incidents on first responders.

Material may be discomforting.

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