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Before Engaging the EAP RALLI Support System


1.  Determine the need for EAP CIR Multi-Systemic Resiliency Approach training.   Your EAP response team needs to have this training. It is what the RALLI system is based on. Training can be implemented at anytime prior to the RALLI training. It is also available online.


2.  Organizational consultation-  The first step in having a successful peer response program is leadership buy-in.  These discussions should be underway and the vision should be taking form.  A peer selection process should be underway.  RDA can offer some guidelines and resources for important talking points.


3.  Leadership training- a short training highlighting the RALLI Support System, the partnership between EAP and the organization's champion, and the role of leadership in promoting resilience.


4. Train the Trainer Lab- a 1.5 day training by RDA to prepare trainers on the material that will be presented to peers,  training tips for working with various cultures, and practice commanding a multimedia presentation.


EAP RALLI Support System training agenda...



Contact RDA for more information.
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