EAP CIR:  Multi-Systemic Resiliency Approach

With its dual-client response emphasis, this crisis intervention approach, engages workplace leadership and their employees/members, in a process that restores an overall sense of safety by stabilizing and reconnecting them to the powerful sources of resilience within their lives.

This On-Demand training prepares EAP professionals for all types of critical incidents. As it  has been upgraded during the response to the COVID- 19 pandemic, it would not be complete unless we addressed the nuance and challenges this incident presents. The EAP field has met and is meeting the challenge.  Through courage, creativity, compassion, and sense of mission, EAP CIR professionals have come together and performed. This training not only prepares you for any critical incident, but for the evolving best practices related to the pandemic. 


COVID-19 Response Highlights:

  • Building safe, virtual interventions

  • Addressing the "Essential Employee"

  • Creating the Biology of Courage through the acceleration of Eustress

  • Learn 5 Group Interventions, including the RALLI Group for Essential Workers

Completion of the On-Demand Training with post-test or coaching earns you the Certificate of Specialized Training

Review On-Demand Training Outline and Order!

This is a fluid environment. Flexibility is required. Ongoing communication is required for nuanced approaches. Despite this, the core components of MSRA are applicable and should be considered as the foundation from which you build your Critical Incident Response Approach upon.
Since its release in 2013,  MSRA has become the foundational training for EAP organizations and their professionals for critical incident response work. 

Need PDHs?
EAP CIR MSRA Workbook- 5.0 hours- Domain II and III.

Earn 5 PDHs for CEAP by reading the workbook and taking the post test. More...