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EAP CIR:  Multi-Systemic Resiliency Approach

First Choice in EAP CIR Training!
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With its dual-client response emphasis, this crisis intervention approach, engages workplace leadership and their employees/members, in a process that restores an overall sense of safety by stabilizing and reconnecting them to the powerful sources of resilience within their lives.

This On-Demand training prepares EAP professionals for all types of critical incidents, including pandemics.   


What's New:

  • Building safe, virtual interventions

  • Addressing the "Essential Employee"

  • Creating the Biology of Courage through the acceleration of Eustress

  • Learn 5 Group Interventions, including the RALLI Group for Essential Workers

Completion of the On-Demand Training with post-test or coaching earns you the Certificate of Specialized Training

Review On-Demand Training Outline and Order!

EAP CIR Network Development

As an EAP organization, are your EAP CIR services reaching your objectives, operationally and financially? Are you exercising full control over your services and benefiting by increased partnership with organizational clients and onsite providers? Developing and maintaining profitable margins for services?

Far too often many external EAPs view EAP CIR services as part of a bundle of services outside the primary service of EAP counseling. In doing so, as long as it is a break even proposition, we can hand these services off to outside vendors. As these vendors pursue profits too, more and more EAPs are losing money and searching for alternatives.  

What if your EAP was represented by a handpicked network of EAP CIR providers, all with the appropriate CIR and EAP training, negotiated and mutually beneficial provider rates that satisfy your profit margins, and located in key areas relative to your business needs? Imagine keeping the revenue you are shipping off to third party vendors for each hour of onsite time you deliver. It is time to explore how your EAP can do this. Contact RDA to learn how we can help.

This is a fluid environment. Flexibility, grounded in core clinical foundations, promotes the dexterity necessary to meet the needs of nuanced, organizational cultures. The synergy of multiple response systems, including the EAP, mandatory to restore stability in a safe and measured way. 

Since its release in 2013,  MSRA has become the foundational training for EAP organizations and their professionals for critical incident response work. 
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EAP CIR MSRA Workshop Companion- contains all the slides and dialogue of the training. A forever resource. $50.00


"I want to re-convey the wonderful contribution you have made with this work. Beyond offering a great deal of practical knowledge on CIR work, you went further by anchoring it to the principles and standards of EAP practice. I haven't come across any literature this good in quite a while."

Jeff Christie, LCSW CEAP

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