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EAP CIR: Multi-Systemic Resiliency Approach


This is a fluid environment. Flexibility is required. Ongoing communication is required for nuanced approaches. Despite this, the core components of MSRA are applicable and should be considered as the foundation from which you build upon.
Since its release in 2013,  MSRA has become the foundational training for EAP organizations and their professionals for critical incident response work. With its dual-client response emphasis, this crisis intervention approach, engages workplace leadership and their employees/members, in a process that restores an overall sense of safety by stabilizing and reconnecting them to the powerful sources of resilience within their lives.

Now in 2020, the core components remain the same. Its efficacy strengthened by the chorus of positive feedback and outcomes. An intervention approach that focuses on resilience, must itself be a resilient platform. It too must adapt to the changing workforce environment, and evolve along with generational influences. 20-MSRA-20 does that. It will offer the most comprehensive, resiliency based, crisis intervention approach for EAP professionals to date. 

  • Concentration: COVID - 19 VIRUS.

    • Frontline Support​

    • Organizational consultations

    • Safe deployment

    • Virtual interventions

    • Self care

Check back soon for updates on this training and support for this incident.

EAP Affiliate Practice- A STEP4 Training

Step 1

Is EAP right for your business?


Step 2

Essential Principles- Clinical and  Operational Strategies

Step 3

Advanced EAP; Strategies for Challenging Referrals

Step 4

Expanding your  Brand; Professional EAP Affiliate Practice

The EAP Affiliate Practice- A Step4 Training. 

The business of external EAP organizations relies on a competent EAP network of affiliate providers. Affiliate providers often represent the "Face of EAP". In fact, EAP business has been lost and won as a result of the strength of this network!  While this strategic partnership is a must for any EAP, adequate training specific to the needs of the private practitioner to be successful in this partnership since the termination of the EAS-C certificate training, have not risen to the level of importance this role carries. RDA has remedied this.

The first question potential EAP affiliates need to ask themselves is, "Is this a service I want to provide?"  EAP service is not the equivalent of just signing up for another behavioral health network panel. So before you do anything, watch STEP1 of this training.

In this training you will learn if contracting as an EAP Affiliate Provider is the right business move for you.  You will learn this for free (Step1), before you choose to commit any further resources. If you decide that this is for you, EAPs are glad to have you and you can proceed onto STEP2,3,4 of the training. 

In this training you will learn:

1.  If EAP is right for your private practice business. 

2. Essential and Advanced EAP principles and operations to achieve optimal EAP service outcomes.

3. Strategies to enhance your relations and growth with EAPs to further promote your business.

Upon Completing the STEP4 Training

1.  You will receive a Certificate of Advanced Training

2. You will receive 3.0 Professional Credit Hours  (Domain 1)

3. Your practice will be placed in our searchable MAP (below).

What happened to the EAS-C?  The Employee Assistance Specialization- Clinical (EAS-C), was a certificate program created by the Employee Assistance Professional Association (EAPA) specifically for the EAP affiliate provider. In fact, RDA participated  in its development and online presentation. With new leadership in EAPA, a decision was made to terminate the training.  More information about this decision can be found by contacting EAPA. Unfortunately, this decision returned to the EAP field a gap in training one of our most important assets!  This training fills the gap. 

Get on the Map! EAP Affiliate Providers and MSRA Trained EAP CIR  Responders

STEP4 Only

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