EAP CIR: Responding to Mass Shooting Incidents

The Right Training at the Right Time

Responding to mass shooting incidents require an EAP response approach delivered over a longer post-incident timeline, with strategies outside of our traditional response to disruptive events.



  • EAP's role in prevention, preparedness and recovery.

  • Additional Management Consultation questions and operations unique to mass shootings

  • Effective utilization of 3 group processes along the extended response timeline- (Corporate Briefing, PFA Group, Resiliency Group)

  • Adequately plan to address the complex elements of Traumatic Loss

  • Coordinate with organizational leadership to establishing Safe Zones

  • Address Return to Work challenges



9:00-1:00 est

EAP CIR:  Responding to the Death of an Employee

Ethical EAP CIR

According to R3 Continuum, the top request for EAP CIR services is when an organization learns about the death of one of their employees. Did you know in reviewing various grief/bereavement certification programs, it’s hard to find any that address dealing with grief reactions in the workplace? “Yikes…”   

​In this training you will learn:

  • The Multi-Systemic Resiliency Approach* to responding to employee death.

  • Bereavement models applicable to EAP workplace crisis intervention.

  • Understand the elements of Collegial grief.

  • A Resilience/grief group process.

Working in an chaotic environment where trauma is contagious, systems are disrupted, and information is fluid, adds additional challenges in providing response in an ethical manner. A sound decision making process is necessary to resolve ethical dilemmas.  This training discusses a decision making process and applies this to common ethical dilemmas when providing onsite EAP CIR

In this training you will earn:

  • Ethical guidelines in EAP work

  • Common ethical dilemmas in EAP CIR

  • A decision making process to arrive at ethically sound solutions when working onsite.



9:00-10:30 est



1:00-2:30 est

January 2020 Training Schedule


4.0 Pdhs, 

4.0 ces nbcc


1.5 PDHs

1.5 CEs nbcc


1.5 pdhs

1.5 ces nbcc


EAP CIR: Multi-Systemic Resiliency Approach

The Recommended EAP Crisis Intervention Response Approach

Take this comprehensive video training at your own pace, at a time that is convenient for you. When completed, schedule a live coaching session with its author, Robert Intveld, Owner of RDA, to review and ask questions.

$185.00  6.0 PDHs

EAP Affiliate Practice- A STEP4 Training

Step 1

Is EAP right for your business?


Step 2

Essential Principles- Clinical and  Operational Strategies

Step 3

Advanced EAP; Strategies for Challenging Referrals

Step 4

Expanding your  Brand; Professional EAP Affiliate Practice

The EAP Affiliate Practice- A Step4 Training. 

The business of external EAP organizations relies on a competent EAP network of affiliate providers. Affiliate providers often represent the "Face of EAP". In fact, EAP business has been lost and won as a result of the strength of this network!  While this strategic partnership is a must for any EAP, adequate training specific to the needs of the private practitioner to be successful in this partnership since the termination of the EAS-C certificate training, have not risen to the level of importance this role carries. RDA has remedied this.

The first question potential EAP affiliates need to ask themselves is, "Is this a service I want to provide?"  EAP service is not the equivalent of just signing up for another behavioral health network panel. So before you do anything, watch STEP1 of this training.

In this training you will learn if contracting as an EAP Affiliate Provider is the right business move for you.  You will learn this for free (Step1), before you choose to commit any further resources. If you decide that this is for you, EAPs are glad to have you and you can proceed onto STEP2,3,4 of the training. 

In this training you will learn:

1.  If EAP is right for your private practice business. 

2. Essential and Advanced EAP principles and operations to achieve optimal EAP service outcomes.

3. Strategies to enhance your relations and growth with EAPs to further promote your business.

Upon Completing the STEP4 Training

1.  You will receive a Certificate of Advanced Training

2. You will receive 3.0 Professional Credit Hours  (Domain 1)

3. Your practice will be placed in our searchable MAP (below).

What happened to the EAS-C?  The Employee Assistance Specialization- Clinical (EAS-C), was a certificate program created by the Employee Assistance Professional Association (EAPA) specifically for the EAP affiliate provider. In fact, RDA participated  in its development and online presentation. With new leadership in EAPA, a decision was made to terminate the training.  More information about this decision can be found by contacting EAPA. Unfortunately, this decision returned to the EAP field a gap in training one of our most important assets!  This training fills the gap. 

Get on the Map! EAP Affiliate Providers and MSRA Trained EAP CIR  Responders

STEP4 Only

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