by Robert Intveld

This is who we are, this is what we do.

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13x19 set on Ultra Premium Photo paper; Matte 61 lbs.

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About this work.

This is CovArt. Over 40 years ago, while bored at college I found out I could draw. I guess I got busy and never picked it up again until Covid. I started with some portraits of musical artists I admire, but wanted to get more creative and substantive.  I have always felt that empathy has been a driving force behind the work we do in CIR including the risks we take with our own mental health.  Our willingness to extend from our boundary of safety and wellness into the experience, potential trauma and turmoil of the surviving. We extend ourselves knowing that we will wear their pain and suffering, if only for a moment, to convey that they are not alone and that hope and safety will be restored.

On a personal note I have lived my life with empathy all around me. My father was a first responder, my mother an artist and my wife a nurse. This artwork is in honor of them and their influence. I hope it touches you as well.

Integration. Out of chaos, survival and adaptation, comes the emergence of newness. Its not easy, often not pretty, but it is glorious in the end.

13x19 set on Ultra Premium Photo paper; Matte 61 lbs.

$45.00 with free shipping.

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