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RDA is there for you to make sure your onsite response meets the expectations of the EAP you represent, and the clients they serve.  This coaching process begins when you do. Once you've accepted an assignment, contact RDA*. We will review the incident and begin to explore the options and strategies to foster a focused response, consistent with the Multi-Systemic Resiliency Approach. Collaboration with RDA when responding to a live incident will accelerate your learning, and maximize your services. After you have completed the onsite response, a second coaching session examines your process, interactions, crisis intervention techniques, and provides overall support to minimize secondary trauma.


ACE coaching can be as often as you like. Coaching sessions are purchased in advanced and held onto for when you need them.


* While some incidents are more urgent than others, RDA prefers the scheduling of each coaching call.


Plan ahead. Contact RDA now, before the incident!


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