Join these and other EAP professionals where EAP leadership is integrating the most current research on Resiliency and advancing their EAP Critical Incident Response services:



"Everything I hoped for and more!  Will refer this to other EAPs within my organization."  Cleveland, OH


"The presentation was wonderful. Great style of presentation. Thank you for coming to Indiana!" Indianapolis, IN


"This is the first training that actually prepares me for what I'm expected to do!"

Austin, TX


"I thought the content of the workshop was informative and educational. Great format and easy to understand and implement."  Chesterfield, MI


"This was great. It laid out all of what we should be doing from beginning to end. I just sat back and checked off areas where we presently had gaps and areas were we should update. You made my job very easy." Omaha, NE


"Pleasure to attend a training done well and with actually new content.  Did not know how this would differ from Mitchell Model - very clear now."

Philadelphia, PA


"Very Good materials - well done. Excellent presentation style. Obviously credible experience and good command of subject matter." Chicago, IL

Online Fusion Training


"The training is very informative. The phone call with Robert was very helpful to me. He's very knowledgeable about crisis intervention and conveyed his knowledge clearly, while encouraging me to ask questions and participate by presenting scenarios."


"I found this training to be complete and thorough.  You introduce many important concepts specific to the EAP approach that makes a difference to companies and employees and their families. It is clear that this is not therapy.  Your demonstrations of what to say are very helpful as it will be important to have a congruent approach from the first contact with the client.  Very nicely done!"


"The instructor was clearly knowledgeable about the subject matter and very much gave me new ideas and approaches to my work providing CIR responses to emergency responses my employees encounter on a frequent basis.  Based on this training, I am rethinking my approach to my own groups and will make some adjustments in a very positive way.Thank you! The material is excellent."


"Thank you for the great training. My previous Critical Incidence training was the Mitchell Method with first responders (years ago).  I felt like a fish out of water and had a hard time relating it to the calls I would go on.  You really helped me feel more connected to the work that I do with this important service.  I have spent a lot of time thinking about how I would improve my skills, and your training made me feel more integrated with it." 

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