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Leadership Training:

Responding to Critical Incidents
Engaging Your Employee Assistance Program

Critical Incidents have the power to disrupt organizational workflow and can impact employees both psychologically and emotionally.  Whether it is a tragic death of a colleague, act of violence or terror, accident or natural disaster, having a plan to put in motion is necessary to increase resiliency and recovery.


As a Human Resource professional and/or leader of your organization, contacting Health Management Partners, Inc for assistance at a time when there is great disruption, should become a priority in your emergency response plan.  The most effective responses form a partnership with their EAP throughout the intervention and in this spirit, we have provided a short, pre-incident training video to better prepare you for that call and what kind of services you can expect from HMP when contacting.

Often, it is the work we do in preparation of a critical incident that has the most profound impact on its resolution.


For additional information about this and other training resources contact HMP at 800-256-1575.

(515) 471-2385


(504) 832-1170

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