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EAP CIR and STEP4 Trained Providers

Get Listed in the only network that has the appropriate training for EAP Response work!  Every provider listed in this network has been trained in the EAP CIR Response-  A Multi-Systemic Resiliency ApproachThis is a requirement to be listed.  We also identify EAP credentialed providers as well. Those who have the CEAP STEP4 or EAS-C will also be noted in their experience and training.  We expect providers who are representing EAPs, to understand the mission of EAP!


Listing is free and access by EAPs in search for responders is free as well.  Your information will be made public via this website and displayed on our EAP CIR MAP.  EAPs who have been trained in the Multi-Systemic Approach, understand the importance of having everyone working from the same blueprint, having direct communication between all the responding systems and the integrity of the EAP service being maintained. This level of collaboration should be commonplace and considered a best practice to receive optimal outcomes.


EAP CIR Provider Listing

The form must be filled out entirely by the EAP CIR provider and the terms of service checked. Please review the terms of service as it contains important information. Once we receive the information it will be posted on our map. Public access is limited during this construction phase.


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