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EAPs know the value of partnership. Consistent with MSRA and sound EAP principles, the relationship between provider and EAP matters.  They are representing you. Prepare them to succeed. Some suggestions when engaging with an EAP CIR professional:


1. Please inform EAP CIR providers that these suggested rates are acceptable to you and include whatever travel reimbursment is allowed.

2. Pass on your assessment and tentative plan. EAP CIR providers understand that some degree of reassessment may need to occur as more information is gathered, but you are also creating the means to extend the partnership between EAP/Organization and now the provider. When we are all on the same page our response becomes better coordinated between all the systems.

3. Share with the EAP CIR Responder the role of the contact person they will initially be engaging with. How involved with the incident are they? Are they just involved in setting up the onsite response or is their leadership role more integral with those who are impacted? If the contact is with HR, are they overseeing/evaluating the EAP's response performance?  Can those in leadership roles who were directly involved with the incident, be made available prior to beginning the crisis intervention services?  Were there any difficult interactions with leadership that the EAP CIR provider should be made aware of?

4.  EAP CIR professionals should consider the possibility of being called back for extended services. Consider this in your planning when accepting a case. Continuity on site matters.

5. EAP CIR professionals should be providing a summary of their work back to the EAP so that the EAP is positioned for success in their followup protocols.

6.  If, as an EAP, you have not been trained in MSRA as all of these providers have, please consider the value in working within a consistent framework. Contact RDA for training options.




MAP Functions



Enter zip code, city or state


Contact provider directly.


Recommended* hourly rates:


CEAP- $150.00


EAS-C- $125.00


MSRA only- $100.00


*Final rates are determined with each contract for services.


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