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Responding to the Death of an Employee

Of all the types of critical incidents EAPs respond to, the death of an employee, is the most requested EAP onsite service. More specifically, it is the employee death that occurs outside the workplace and the workplace is subsequently notified of the loss. While other  incidents, like workplace violence, community shootings and employee suicide that also result in employee death may be more impactful and draw media coverage, they are by far, less frequent.
This training deals primarily with the former scenario.
Albert Einstein's desk the day after he died.
When a workplace is notified that an employee has died, it sets off a series of emotional reactions within employees, and operations by the organization in which the EAP is actively involved in both. The role the EAP has from the onset is to offer steady, compassionate guidance to organizational leadership, offering subject matter expertise on crisis intervention and fostering resilience. Through the use of a variety of on-site interventions led by trained EAP professionals/consultants, employees and organizations move through normal reactions, and potentially complex scenarios reaching stabilization and restoration of normal, healthy activity. It is a process that is more of a resilience process than a bereavement process. EAP CIR response to workplace death helps employees and organizations bounce back from the adversity of death.  

In this training you will learn:
  • the role differences between grief counselors and EAP CIR responders.
  • the staging of onsite interventions through the management consultation intervention
  • how to engage leadership as a key influencer of resilience into your interventions
  • all the onsite interventions:  Leadership Meetings, Company Briefings, Resilience/Grief Groups, 1:1s, and Outreach.
  • complex scenarios including introduction to EAP CIR when death is a consequence of a critical incident (workplace violence, suicide etc.)
This training is recommended to all EAP professionals and consultants  available to go onsite on behalf of EAPs.  Certificate of Specialized Training is awarded upon completion and earned 2.0 PDHs for CEAP.
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