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Application of MSRA to Mass Shooting Incident


  • Utilize a consistent, EAP based Crisis Intervention framework (MSRA) with mass shooting incidents.

  • Learn additional strategies unique to the EAP response of mass shooting incidents.

  • Integrate lessons learned from previous mass shooting incidents and acts of terrorism.


  • Resilience Continuum

Multi-Systemic Resiliency Approach- Review

Prevalence of Mass Shooting Events

Shooter Motivations- Why is this important?

Emergency Management Plans


Pre-Incident Mitigation and Preparedness

Lessons Learned- Parkland, FL

Lessons Learned- Las Vegas Shooting

EAP Response Timeline

  • Acute Phase Operations

    • Management Consultation​

    • Community Safe Zones

    • Organizational Safe Zones

      • Leadership Meeting

      • Corporate Briefing

      • EAP Access

        • 1:1​

        • 1:2

        • PFA Group

        • Resilience Group

      • Return to​ Workplace

      • Referrals/Handouts

      • Family Support

    • Responding to the the Injured

    • Responding to the Deceased

  • Sustaining Resilience

Media Management

Self Care

EAP's Role on Mass Shooting Prevention

Training content is subject to changes and updates.

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