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Workshop Testimonials


NY City

"Affirms a lot of what I already know and learned new strategies especially for the management consultation piece. Great role modeling."

Thank you. You provided a new perspective to my work with EAPs and focusing on Resilence."

It was excellent. A lot of info, but all good!


Albany, NY

" Very Knowledgable, great examples. Maintaining humor and lighthearted approach was great. Thank you!"

"Glad to have been a part of this training, it put me in touch with knowledge I previously had about CISM and gave me information to improve what I do. Refreshing!"

"A very informative program with wonderful resources for me to integrate into my work as an EAP. This approach supports the program I've been developing at my organization. Now I have more concrete tools to support my efforts in assisting our employees and management."


Arlington, VA

"Great EAP Focus! Modelling the process at the end was excellent and helpful."

"It was an excellent presentation and very concentrated. It will take some additional reviews to absorb."

"Great Presentation; engaging; very knowledgable; handled questions well; great presentation of theory and application."


Denver, CO

"I would have a tough time advising on how to improve this training. I am grateful for the newly learned info I am taking with me.  Fantastic presentation! Thank you so much!"

"I thought the presentation was valuable. It is the most in-depth CIR training I have received. Plenty of time for questions. It was a perfect pace, good diverse examples given."

"Thank you, it was great. Learned alot."


Minneapolis, MN

"Not only was this presentation superior to other trainings I've attended on this subject, it was one of the best 1 day trainings period!"

"It was very well done andRobert really knows all aspects of CIR and he resonated to my expereinces. I loved his personal examples and role play."

"This seminar exceeded my hopes and expectations and I found it incredibly applicable to my current postition as an EAP consultant."


Rochester, NY

"I liked the wording of some of the strategies for talking with managers. I felt that was very helpful."

"Very helpful, specific to EAP role/interventions. Practical suggestions to quickly implement in the field."



Los Angeles, CA

"Many thanks- your presentation helped me clarify my thinking about CISD vs. resilience model and will help me plan with my colleagues for more confidence and effectiveness in our crisis interventions."

"Very good and organized. On point with all info covered."

Thanks. Well presented. Practical. Very beneficial."


San Francisco, CA

"One of the best presentations I've attended. Exceeded my expectations."

"Excellent breakdown of different roles- internal and external EAPs, affiliates."

"Best training I've seen re: EAP and dealing with critical incidents. Excellent PPT presentation and excellent manual."


Chattanooga, TN

"Great presentation, very thorough, great information, engaging, no suggestions for improvements."

"Eliminate role plays."

"All EAP professionals and affiliates should take this training.  Quality of materials is excellent and gave practical and immediately useful information."

"More role playing!"

"It was one of the best trainings I have been to in a while."


Houston, TX

"Informative and very helpful. Real life application."

"Very professional presentation!"

"Basic for my needs, but some good information. Too quick to dismiss the Mitchell Model.

"Outstanding presentation!"


Columbia, SC

"The session was awesome. Robert had a good sense of humor and a lot of patience with this group."

The materials, slides and workbook are excellent- some of the best I've seen.  The information is immediately applicable."

"Incredible powerpoint, solid evidence based information. Loved the management consultation exercise."

"This is a great presentation.  There is enough information for 2 days and if spread out, more time could be spent on interventions."


Jacksonville, FL

"Excellent Workshop! Loved the skillful blending of theory and practice."

" Wonderful materials and great presentation. Thank you so much for helping both newbies and more experienced attendees."

"Excellent Workshop"


Raleigh, NC

"A very well organized and well delivered comprehensive training that positions the EAP to provide effective interventions to critical incidents."


"The syllabus is superior to what is generally given at workshops. The presenter's knowledge and presentation are superior."


Boston, MA

"Nothing comes to mind, it was wonderful."

"Great opportunity for interactions. Good summary of "State of the art" in CIR approach."

"Excellent! Great information! Thank you."

"It was very well done."


Cleveland, OH

"Great Day! this will get my team all on the same page so we can develop (further) our internal process, relationship with providers, etc."

"Everything I hoped for and more!  Will refer this to other EAPs within my organization."

This was very informative- I would like more time on session specifics."


Indianapolis, IN

"Material was excellent, plentiful, and relevant. Could have been expanded to 2 days."

"Exceeded expectations!"

"The presentation was wonderful. Great style of presentation. Thank you for coming to Indiana!"

"Really found the scripts/examples helpful."

"Truly excellent presentation and discussion."


Austin, TX

"This is the first training that actually prepares me for what I'm expected to do!"

"Very helpful. I feel better about what I should be doing."

"A lot of information, need to break earlier in the morning."

"This is really good information. We are going to add this resiliency piece into our approach."


Chesterfield, MO

"Examples were good, good speaking skills, liked the presentation, genuine and compassionate about topic."

" I thought the content of the workshop was informative and educational. Great format and easy to understand and implement."

"Very helpful, informative and well-organized."



"Really helpful in educating on difference between crisis intervention groups vs. therapy groups."

"This was great. It laid out all of what we should be doing from beginning to end. I just sat back and checked off areas where we presently had gaps and areas were we should update. You made my job very easy."

"Great handout, but a little hard to read."

" Really enjoyable presentation."



"What a great job- thanks!"

"Great handouts and notes included as takeaways. Good to review pros and cons for different models and especially how EAPs can respond via a resiliency model which may even include some PFA."

"Robert was very knowledgeable and real-life examples were particular helpful; also stayed on task well."

"Pleasure to attend a training done well and with actually new content.  Did not know how this would differ from Mitchell Model - very clear now."

"Loved group process - Resiliency."

"I truly appreciated the opportunity to learn in a structured setting skills specific to EAP services!"



"Very Good materials - well done. Excellent presentation style. Obviously credible experience and good command of subject matter."

"I will begin to incorporate resiliency and resiliency group into the offerings to companies who are need of emergency and crisis assistance."

"Great stuff! A lot new ideas for interventions!".

"Robert has excellent knowledge on the subject. Good presentation."

"Great - very practical!"



"Resiliency Group info very good"

"This was a very experienced group where some of the information was basic and already part of our EAP process. However the training challenged certain areas and offered insight when adding the resiliency piece."

Very appropriate for the new practitioner.  The section on resiliency and distinction between EAP and other approaches was most helpful."

"I liked role plays, real world examples."

"This workshop provided more than I expected."

"Great session- helpful information with very practical and immediate application and utility in our jobs."


St Louis:

"Thanks this was very helpful and motivating."

"Most excellent information that I can apply now in my EAP contacts. Recently I was involved in CISD, but this specific EAP perspective has really increased my ability to be more effective."

"more breaks!"

"more time on specific interventions"



"Learned a lot, can't wait to apply."

"Well done, good presentation style."

"Most valuable component was discussing specifics on resilient and bereavement groups, as well as the overall info on resiliency."

"Maybe do 2 day trainings. There is a lot of information to fit into one day."

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