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Multi-Systemic Resiliency Approach


The process of Resilience has already begun before an organization contacts their EAP.
This is a fundamental principle if you are going to be successful providing EAP CIR.
As EAP professionals, we need to recognize and fully understand the resiliency process.  Knowing this, we can complement ongoing successful operations with safe, resilient focused EAP interventions. Coordinating the four key systems (Organization, employees, EAPs, onsite providers) to work synergistically towards an optimal outcome, is what this training provides.
It goes beyond the focus of mitigating stress responses to providing an EAP service that is inclusive of the organizational culture and aligned with resilient focused organizations.
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RDA comes to you. We provide workshops to your dedicated EAP team.  This approach allows your entire team to be on the same page and integrate EAP CIR MSRA into each of their unique roles and perspectives. Once this has been completed RDA will work with the EAP to get their key affiliate providers trained by offering discounted trainings both live and through our exclusive online format. The affiliate provider field has been exposed to a variety of response models that may not align with the MSRA approach.  This is an important recognition and challenge as EAP moves to evolve their response approach. To consult further on this training option, send an email to:

Join these EAP Programs and others trained in MSRA:



3 New Trainings!

Ethical EAP CIR

Building Organizational Resilience-A Pre-Incident Training

Restoring Normalcy- A Post Incident Training

EAP CIR Multi-Systemic Resiliency Approach

Take this training as your schedule and time permits without losing the benefits of a live training! The EAP CIR MSRA FUSION training provides a coaching session at the conclusion of the video training with its author. This is an opportunity to ask your questions and to make sure you fully understand the content of the training before going out into the field.

Certificate Of Specialized Training and 6.5 PDHs are included.

6.5 Continuing Education Credits are available for an additional charge.

Do to the size of this file, the training is not viewable over mobile devices including ipads.


15th Annual National Railroad EAP Training and Networking Conference

EAP CIR Multi-Systemic Resiliency Approach

Building Organization Resilience- A Pre-incident Training

Restoring Normalcy a Post Incident Training

EAPA Chapter Long Island, NY

Ethical EAP CIR


Contact your Chapter

Humana EAP

EAP CIR- Multi-Systemic Resiliency Approach




Ethical EAP Critical Incident Response


1:00-3:00 EST

2 CEs; 2 PDHs

Certificate of Completion



Cleveland Clinic EAP

Multi-Systemic Resiliency Approach


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Actors Guild- CA

Cigna EAP- MN


National EAP- NY


Kaiser Permanente EAP- CA


Prudential EAP- NJ

Duke EAP- NC

McLaughlin Young EAP- NC

Espyr EAP- GA

Southwest EAP- FL


NJ Transit EAP- NJ

Impact Solutions EAP- OH

Strong EAP- NY

About your trainer:

Robert Intveld, LCSW, CEAP has been in the EAP field for over 28 years. He has provided clinical, operational and administrative services with all EAP models. His particular interest in critical incident response has led him to overseeing and/or providing interventions at Columbine HS, OK City bombing, 3 NY terrorist attacks including 9/11, Gulf Oil Spill, Mall shootings, Newtown CT and many others. These experiences led him down a path of finding a more viable response approach consistent with the EAP mission and research on resilience that response models in the field were lacking. MSRA has since become the EAP CIR approach of choice


 "A resilience based crisis intervention approach is less dependent on the nature of the incident and more so on the existing and inherent sources of organizational and individual resilience. MSRA provides a flexible framework to garner and engage these culturally based strengths enabling organizations and employees to persevere and thrive from the impact of a critical incident."


Virtual Workshops

What is the difference between a virtual workshop and an ON DEMAND Fusion training?

The content is the same, however, an ON DEMAND training is not live. You will be viewing a video presentation and can start and stop it as you like. At the conclusion, a live coaching session is required to review the material and answer any questions you might have. 

A virtual workshop is live and interactive with the presenter and other attendees held over the Internet


Do I need a video cam?

No. Only the presenter will be on video, but attendees are not.  This reduces bandwidth errors and offers a smoother presentation.

Will I need any special equipment?

No, just a computer, tablet and/or phone will work. Viewing over the phone requires an APP that is free to download.

Anything else I should know?

It is a good idea to register early so that materials included with the training can be mailed to you in time for the training.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations up to one week prior to the presentation receive 100% refund minus credit card transaction fees. Cancellation within one week of the presentation can receive the training through our On-Demand training, if available, or added to a future presentation. 

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