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Integrating Virtual Interventions into EAP CIR

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EAPs have been working hard finding their way through the pandemic. It is time we take a collective breath and analyze our efforts, successes and challenges as it relates to Virtual EAP CIR in general and more specifically, when utilizing a Multi-Systemic Resiliency Approach.  This training begins to do just that by answering some important questions:
  1. Is there a role for Virtual EAP CIR MSRA moving forward?
  2. What are the lessons learned from the pandemic that can be integrated into MSRA?
  3. What are the new skillsets EAP CIR providers need to have to add to their versatility?
  4. How can EAPs, workplaces and EAP CIR providers, together, create successful virtual interventions.
If you are an experienced onsite EAP CIR provider, we want to know where you are! GET ON THE MAP!
This training is free to all EAP CIR providers who are available to provide onsite/virtual CIR requests and listed on our map. A discount code will be sent once you list your services. If you did not receive one, contact RDA at


An On Demand training works best with your schedule. Upon ordering you will taken to the Guest Sign-in page. Enter the password, sent via email, (check spam folder if you do not see it) and you will be taken to the training. Save this information to access it again (up to 4 times) if you need to. Upon conclusion, send email to RDA with how y ou would like your name printed on the certificate. 


1.5 PDHs for CEAP Domain 2 and 3


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