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The Strength Within-

An EAP RALLI Support System


A train the trainer model licensing EAPs to provide comprehensive training and development of a peer support team to their customers.  The EAP RALLI Support System integrates key componants of the Multi-Systemic Resiliency Approach, Psychological First Aid and Mental Health First Aid. Equally important is that it is designed to integrate the value of EAP into the administration of the program.



There are certain customers EAPs provide services to that by virtue of their work, endure greater numbers of critical incidents and/or are highly stressful environments.  These organizations are turning to their partners in EAP for peer support programs. Why? Because peer support programs, when properly implemented, work.  Strengthening the sources of resilience within these organizations not only benenfits day to day operations, but as needed, optimizes EAP CIR. Peer support programs are not new. Initially developed organically within certain worker populations, have now become fully designed programs. Peer support teams are becoming commonplace in first responder populations, airlines, military, hospitals and correctional organizations. 

The RALLI Support System was developed after receiving multiple requests from EAPs who had taken the EAP CIR Multi-Systemic Resilency Approach Workshop, and saw the value of the resiliency focus to existing peer support programs or ones they have been asked to develop.  We agreed, but needed time to examine the industry, best practices, and how this service will add overall value to EAP services. Now we have it.

What is RALLI?


RALLI (pronounced as "rally") stands for the step-by-step process trained peers engage in when supporting their colleagues after an incident.


Recognize and approach


Awareness of risk


Listen nonjudgementally


Learn personal sources for resilience


Identify next steps



How is The EAP RALLI System implemented?


Determine your high risk clients, review with their leadership the needs of the workforce and organization.


Buy-in from organizational leadership is critical.  We believe that the existing partnership between EAP and the organization best maps out the blueprint for implementing the EAP RALLI Support System.



EAP RALLI Resources


This section provides private access to trained EAP professionals for additional training modules, handouts, training guides and their own peer support.



Contact RDA for more information.
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